Video Intercoms

Perfect for high footfall commercial buildings such as office blocks or high-end domestic buildings, video intercoms allow you to determine who is granted access on a person-by-person basis. The two-way device works by installing a unit externally on a building, usually at point of entry, with a button to be pressed by the visitor, which then transmits audio and video to either a monitor inside the building or a smart app elsewhere. The next generation of video intercoms are integrated with smart apps for use on a mobile device, so you can see who is requesting access, from anywhere.

Video intercoms negate the need for a door person or receptionist in sites such as office blocks, and allow permitted access for domestic situations such as flats or large, high-end properties, without the need to open the door yourself.

Data can also be captured each time a video intercom and door entry system is activated and entry to the building is granted. This data is highly useful for businesses, especially in cases of fire or evacuation situations, or for a head count during a fire drill.

Video intercom benefits include:

  • Remote viewing of visitors
  • Effective and secure door entry
  • Data capture of visitors
  • Easy integration with other security solutions
  • Crime prevention
  • Thermal cameras available for low level lighting

Our range of industry-leading video intercoms work seamlessly with various other security solutions including access control, intruder alarms, CCTV, commercial gates and residential gates. Our highly-experienced engineers will be able to devise, install and manage a best-fit security package solution tailored specifically to your requirements.

We also offer full maintenance contracts to ensure that your video intercoms and door entry system are always working at optimal performance, keeping you and your property secure.

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