Water Leak Detection Systems

Many insurance companies now insist on the installation of water leak detection systems. Some consulting engineers also specify them in plans for various buildings, from high-value homes or museums, through to server rooms, data centres and network communication rooms. With a water leak detection system discovering and alerting you to any water leaks, you can be sure you are protected against damage to your property, from rare books and works of art, through to lost data and downed telecommunications.

Perfect for:

  • Server rooms
  • Data centres
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Libraries
  • Large domestic properties

A water leak detection system provides two-fold protection, guarding against the risk of a water leak causing an electrical short circuit and the chance of an electrical fire, as well as any structural damage to your property.

Our mains powered water leak detection systems also have their own backup power supply, ensuring round the clock protection for your data centre, server room or property in the event of a mains failure.

A water leak detection system can be installed as a bolt-on to your current fire and security services or it can be included as a part of a new bespoke system. We can tailor the water leak detection system to match the needs and size of your premises – and with easy install you will have minimum disruption to your day.

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