Air Sampling

Air sampling is a very early warning detection system which gives you the earliest possible alert of smouldering or incipient fire. These extra few seconds can be critical in supressing any outbreak, keeping people and property safe, limiting damage and maintaining business continuity.

  • Barely visible installation
  • Temperature resistant
  • Robust and reliable
  • Centralised maintenance
  • Flexible and fast installation

An air sampling unit works by drawing air up continuously, day and night, into the unit where the central detector filters out contaminants, minimising risk of any false alarms. The air sample will then be passed by a laser which will detect smoke, carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Once detected, the air sampling unit raises an alarm as well as identifying the location of the fire. With a multi-level warning system and components which do not degrade or deteriorate over time, you can be assured of the continuity of service and reliability of our air sampling systems. All servicing can be undertaken at the detector by one of our fully-qualified engineers and with centralised maintenance we won’t interrupt your day job, saving you time, hassle and money.

Air sampling systems are ideal for a wide range of environments – small, large or open spaces – from apartment blocks, to data centres, schools and colleges, as well as hospitals and care homes.

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