Security access control for Education

Universities and Campus

Advanced technology with affordability. While their focus is on creating welcoming places that inspire students and staff to achieve their best, robust protection is a top priority. Iris VBS can provide this peace of mind and an enhanced learning environment with educational access solutions at a lower cost and with much greater flexibility.

Security in universities is key across a huge range of physical locations including classrooms, social areas, and residential spaces. Lecture theatres, libraries, laboratories, computer suites, staff rooms, student unions, sports facilities, exhibition spaces, shops, cafeterias, residence halls, commons areas, childcare facilities, medical centers, and chaplaincies—the list is endless and would be almost impossible to manage with mechanical keys.


Schools today are challenged to balance security with accessibility and advanced technology with affordability. While the focus is on creating a welcoming environment that inspires students and staff to achieve their best, robust protection is a top priority. Iris VBS provides systems that create peace of mind—and a better learning environment—with educational access solutions that cost less and are more flexible.

Security in schools is key across a range of physical locations—buildings, classrooms, libraries, gyms, cafeterias, labs, staff areas, sports facilities, and more—often simultaneously. This would be almost impossible to manage with mechanical keys which is why it’s essential to deploy an electronic access control solution that provides security and flexibility.

Student Accommodations

When it comes to the excitement of leaving home for the first time, students expect to live, study and socialize in modern, welcoming environments. Secure, flexible, and convenient access is essential to enable students to enjoy the very best of university or college life. Students expect seamless user experiences across the technology they use daily.

Universities and colleges offer facilities for education,  recreation and rest. It is essential that students can access the spaces they need for their education as well as student life. This, alongside the regular turnover experienced across student facilities, creates multiple administrative tasks for facility managers.