Available for both internal and external locations, our contemporary range of turnstiles add an extra layer of security, as well as foot traffic management for your premises. Our range of next-generation turnstiles is also touchless, ensuring good hygiene levels with minimal contact through congested pedestrian routes, limiting the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.

The turnstile barriers have both sound and light alarms fitted, with volume adjustments and a choice of sound types. In the event of a fire emergency or evacuation they can be programmed to open and remain open.

Our range of turnstiles support the following alarms:

  • Intrusion alarm
  • Trailing alarm
  • Stay overtime alarm
  • Climbing turnstile alarm
  • Unlock anomaly alarm
  • Barrier anomaly alarm
  • Infrared anomaly alarm
  • Communication anomaly alarm

Our turnstiles are fully programmable with the potential to unlock and lock the barriers using remote control. Working in conjunction with an access control system, the turnstiles can support a variety of authentication methods including biometric readers for face or fingerprint, CPU card readers, ID card readers, QR codes and other modules.

It is also possible to program the locking and unlocking speed, the pass duration, and any locking delay duration. And if these requirements change, all parameters within the turnstile settings can easily be restored to default and reprogrammed as desired.

Speak to our team for advice regarding your preferred turnstile solution.