Emergency Lighting

Our comprehensive emergency lighting product range includes addressable control panels, LED emergency lighting luminaries as well as BS EN ISO 7010 compliant exit signs. We also supply various accessories for your emergency lighting solution including recess adaptors, step lights, weather proof enclosures, brackets, batteries input/output units and much more.

Our easily installed emergency lighting system has a wealth of features including intuitive graphics, day and night modes, adjustable lighting levels as well as the options to set the units as maintained or non-maintained. Our highly-trained engineers will work alongside you to tailor the emergency lighting system to the needs of the building, the owners and any legal or insurance requirements.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Fully adaptable features
  • Networkable panels
  • Full compliancy with BS standards
  • Kind to the environment
  • Full integration with building management systems

With continuous monitoring, our self-test emergency lighting system checks the status of luminaires and exit signs, with any faults identified and located instantly. Any completed test reports can be printed from the panel for end-user records, as required by EN 50172.

Perfect for use in large public buildings such as NHS healthcare settings, our flexible emergency lighting system is an environmentally friendly option with low energy consumption and LED luminaires. The simple installation and easy maintenance of our emergency lighting system along with central monitoring and lack of bulb replacement (due to the LED luminaires) supports the cost efficiency of this system.

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