Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems (PAVA)

A PAVA system or Public Address and Voice Alarm System is ideal for use in shopping centres, large hotels, offices and commercial buildings. Working in conjunction with a fire alarm system, a PAVA system gives the flexibility for multi-zoned and multi-language announcements, perfect for use in large complex buildings with numerous exits. With the option of having the voice alarm broadcast through the PAVA system in specified areas in a certain order, you can ensure those in the high-risk areas are evacuated to safety first.

The PAVA system can also be used for general announcements, paging, advertising, background music and entertainment, as well as audio visual presentation.

  • Perfect for large buildings such as shopping malls and hotels
  • Tailor-make the solution specifically for your premises
  • Multi-zone option to aid orderly, calm and efficient evacuation
  • Works in conjunction with fire alarm systems
  • Can be used as a PA system for announcements, advertising and music broadcasting

Our highly-qualified engineers can work with you to choose the best PAVA solution for your building and the safest exits for its occupants. This includes automatic voice alarms from a pre-defined evacuation plan; zoned live messages broadcast to certain zones in a certain order; or a manually controlled system where a well-trained member of staff would direct the PAVA system from a planned emergency strategy.

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